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Fire & Smoke

Fires can be especially devastating to your home or business. After the fire trucks leave, your property will likely suffer from no only fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. Revive Restoration has specialized fire and water damage restoration t dining and experience to quickly clean up and restore your home to pre-fire condition.

Water & Flood

When a severe thunderstorm hits, the risk or property damage increases greatly as heavy rains can cause water damage as well as flooding in your home. Flooding from storms is a major problem that requires a combination of methods to correctly treat it and protect your health. Our water and flood specialists will mitigate the damage and safely remove the flood water.

Asbestos Clean-Up

Asbestos exposure has been linked to several diseases, inc uding malignant mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer and asbestosis. When asbestos becomes airborne, the toxic fibers cannot be seen with the naked eye, meaning someone can be exposed to asbestos fibers without knowing it. Fibers that have been inhaled or ingested may become lodged in the linings of the organs.

Content Cleaning
& Storage

Revive Restoration provides comprehensive restoration services to remedy the damage. Not only can we undo fire and water damage, but we also deliver exceptional contents cleaning and storage services to Michigan property owners. During contents cleaning, we attempt to salvage as much as we can and prevent further damage.

Wind & Storm

Property damage caused by severe weather can be devastating to your family or business, and repairing it can be a complex undertaking. To get storm damage repair completed quickly and safely, you need a restoration se vice company that specializes in bringing your home back to its pre-loss condition. Revive Restoration, has the experts you need.

Mold Air Sampling

Moisture is one of the worst enemies your home can have. It can cause your clothes and furnishings to grow mold, ruin interior surfaces, reduce the insulating value of your insulation, cause squeaky floors and nail popping, cause paint peeling and stains on the walls and ceilings, and can ruin the structural frame of your house through fungus growth and rot.

Cleaning and Sanitation

We follow current CDC and EPA procedures to deliver the best cleaning and sanitation solutions. The Revive Restoration professionals are uniquely prepared during this unprecedented time to clean and disinfect your home or business. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants. Our professionals are trained to perform a proactive cleanup that involves facility or structure cleaning and disinfection.

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