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Mold Is an Unwelcome Guest

Mold Is an Unwelcome Guest

Remove it with our mold remediation services in West Bloomfield Township, MI and serving all throughout Michigan area

Mold is a health risk that you don't want to deal with. If you smell a musty odor or spot mold or mold spores in your home, you need to call Revive Restoration, LLC in West Bloomfield Township, MI. Mold spores spread fast and could move to other areas of your home or business. If mold is left untreated, it can cause health risks to you and your family as well as your pets. We'll provide a full, in-depth mold assessment and air quality test for your space. Then, we'll clean it with our residential mold remediation services. Once we're done, you'll be safe in your home again. Revive REstoration is certified through IICRC to rpovide expert mold removal and remediation services. 

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Making mold disappear

Want to learn more about our residential and commerical mold remediation process? When you call our pros, we'll provide:

  • Expert Determination of Mold Source
  • Provide an Accurate Damage Assessment
  • Safe Removal and Remediation of Mold
  • Demolition and Disposal of Mold Contaminated Materials
  • Air Quality Testing

We take the extra time to test air quality after remediation to ensure that we've gotten every last bit of mold for our customers. Schedule your commercial mold remediation services by emailing us now.