Asbestos Removal

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Breathe Easy Thanks to Our Restoration Services

Breathe Easy Thanks to Our Restoration Services

Arrange for asbestos removal in West Bloomfield Township, MI and throughout the Michigan area

A lot of older buildings still have asbestos in the walls from the days before there were regulations against it. Revive Restoration, LLC can provide asbestos removal services to keep you and your family safe. Don't try to remove asbestos yourself-it's a dangerous job. That's why hiring professionals is so important.

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Discover how our asbestos removal company keeps you safe

Asbestos removal requires careful, precise handling. We have all the proper PPE and respirators required for safely removing asbestos. Once we've cleared out all the asbestos, we'll fully decontaminate the area.

Our asbestos removal company:

  • Is trained and certified
  • Will seal off all ventilation systems
  • Properly contains and labels asbestos
  • Uses wet cleanup methods
  • Has HEPA filter vacuums and air cleaners
  • Safely disposes of all hazardous materials

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